Patrizia Nalbach Cauda, an Italian-Swiss soprano, was born in Torino and from an early age showed artistic talent in acting and singing, which led to appearing on stage from the age of seven.

For her singing talent she was encouraged to enroll at the G. Verdi Conservatory where she began her musical studies with Luisella Ciaffi and continued them with Rosina Cavicchioli.

At the same time she developed a keen interest in the more introspective areas of study such as psychology, philosophy and literature, which led her to attend the University of Torino and receive a degree at the “Istituto Superiore di Psicologia Sociale Rosmini“ in the same city.

Relocating to Switzerland, she attended the "Voice Academy Cairati" in Zurich where she continued her operatic studies under the guidance of Cornelio G. Cairati and in Lugano with Monica Trini and Mariagrazia Ferracini.
At the same time she developed her inborn passion for acting taking courses at the theatre school “Campo teatrale”.

For several years she has been successful in balancing her numerous abilities, interests and sensitivity in her passion for music and singing, theatre and poetry, and the spreading of art and its relational expression. All of these converges in a unique and exciting union of the arts, that ranges from chamber to contemporary music, from renaissance to post-modernism and theatre music.

She is the creator of the special project “Pearls of Emotion” and co-creator with Isabella Lenzo Massei of the innovative path “Tra Arte e Musica" (Between Art & Music) at the Museum of Art and the Museo Cantonale in Lugano and now at the MASI - LAC of Lugano.

Following her degree and Masters in music therapy, she initiated in 2014 the project “ Sparks” at galleries and museums in Lugano and at the MASILugano.